Give the chef you love a gift that will last a lifetime.
As you can see, you can hang pots and pans. Slip knives into the slots at each end. There is room for 7 wine bottles. If you pull the bottles out about 3 inches you can then put more bottles on the other side for a total of 14 bottles. The steel is heavy gauge and the wood is well cured(5years) red oak, white oak and maple. This is a solid 2 1/4 inch top, NOT laminate.The paint finish is 2 coats of a hammered lacquer, graphite in color. Has 4 swivel casters, which can be removed and replaced with felts if you wish.
I guarantee even if you use it every day, you will never wear it out.
At $ 450.00 it is a very good buy if compared to comparable products from kitchen supply boutiques..
Top measures 20"x41"X2 1/4".
This is a new item, not used.